Friday, January 3, 2014

Brick Wall

So I've been knocking out's tutorials... I've finished Web Fundamentals and Ruby, and am now working on JavaScript.  I really enjoyed Web Fundamentals (HTML5/CSS3) and Ruby, but have found JavaScript to be a like a nagging girlfriend (luckily I haven't a nagging girlfriend in years).  Uhhhh! It's so picky and forces my attention to detail to be nothing but perfect.  I've been working on a rock, paper, scissors game that's been kicking my butt, all these curly braces and semi-colons are driving me nuts!

I read another person's blog that talked about the brick walls we hit while learning programming, and how overcoming those brick walls is what makes the difference between someone who will succeed in programming and someone who will ultimately give up or fail.  That's what keeps me trudging away... the obstacle of JavaScript will be overcome!  But I must say, I am not a huge fan of JavaScript, the syntax is nowhere near as enjoyable as Ruby.

On another note, I dropped off my $1,000 deposit at gSchool!  I'm in... now all I have to do is come up with another $4,000 before the start of class.  I took some money out of my Roth IRA and am driving for Lyft in my spare time to come up with it.  And, my parents offered to co-sign on a loan if I need more money to make this happen.  According to my interviewers, the problem most students have at gSchool is living expenses for the 6 months of school, since you can't work outside of school.  Luckily one of my companies makes money with minimal time investment on my part.  Things are well on their way!  Hopefully by September of this year I will be a Junior Developer at some awesome startup.  

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